Buttons, Postcards & Bookmarks

For everyone who was so enthusiastic about our exhibition, Yarn Theory and our guerrilla project, The 9th Street Fence:

We are pleased to announce that we have made up some BUTTONS, SOUVENIR POSTCARDS and BOOKMARKS with images from YARN THEORY and the 9TH STREET FENCE.  Please stop by the Gallery to see them and buy some.  Those outside New York City, please inquire at ps122gallery@verizon.net

Here are some of the images: 


Alison Harvey's panel

Alison Harvey's panel

Emily Barletta sculpture

Emily Barletta sculpture

Vivan Gainer flower

Vivan Gainer flower

Martha Lewis sculpture

Martha Lewis sculpture

Crystal Gregory fence detail

Crystal Gregory fence detail



Joanne Ungar's toppers...all of which were stolen.

Joanne Ungar's toppers...all of which were stolen.



FROM 9th Street Fence SERIES



dg fence side viewA IMG_1216 

AJoyce 3 100_0896 

Afront bw 100_0879 

Ajoannajt ed YarnTheory009[1]



Aknit mile brighter w flowers 100_0966


engenia more daina s640x480 



oomen resized


torus 8 IMG_7985


FROM Yarn Theory Events

dg operknit lisa flash cropped IMG_1171

 dg operknit lisa louis IMG_1173

Alace workshop lisa more needles 100_0988


Some images from our series of BOOKMARKS

 platonic solids ed  cropped IMG_7993

 AAlison 100_0947

Ajoanna jt ed fence01[1]

 BIT web lisaneedles cropped dg operknit lisa louis IMG_1162

Alison bwexperiment 100_0948


















































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