9th Street Fence BLOG

Crystal Gregory’s new installation, entitled, “On the Fence”, has been ongoing for several weeks now.  It has been interesting watching her work.  She is immersed in the process and, although I know it’s tiring, she’s been doing some beautiful things with yarn and a crochet hook.

Crystal Gregory's new installation "On the Fence"

Crystal Gregory's new installation "On the Fence"

Now, however, we are dealing with vandalism of Crystal’s project.  Three days in a row, now, she’s had to repair or alter the work she did the day before, and then continue on with her project.  Here are the pictures we have so far (these are also posted under “Crystal Gregory New Installation”).  I think what she’s doing is very beautiful, and can continue to be beautiful even with the patches.  However, it is disheartening for all of us, and we are currently considering what we should do to both save the project and, not make it an insurmountable task for Crystal.



wIMG_0076 adj



wcdoc IMG_0071 adj1


wcdoc IMG_0073 adj cropped


wcdoc IMG_0069 adj1


wcdoc IMG_0064 adj1


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