Posted by: ps122gallery | April 13, 2009

Math & Science knit/crochet

This is a list of some of the many wonderful  sites available out there on the web, many of whom have inspired to create the Yarn Theory exhibition. To Explore, please click on the listed items below.

Kimberly Chapman’s knitted DNA

Woolly Thoughts

Toroidal Snark

The crochetted Coral Reef

Eleanor Kent’s knitted Fractals

Knitting a Möbius Band

Knitting One-Sided Surfaces

Knitting For Nerds

Hinke Osinga’s Crochetted Lorenz Manifold

Semiregular Tessellation

Sierpinski Sieve

Sixty-four divided by four is?

Thomasina’s Guide to Geeky Knitting


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